Coastal information system Oder estuary

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ICZM-Oder: phase 3 (03/2008-04/2010)

General project objectives

Science and innovation: To answer scientific and innovative questions on ICZM with fundamental and supraregional importance based on concrete regional requirements. In addition, scientific perspectives for the future shall be created.

Model region: To create structures and approaches functioning as a long-lasting umbrella for ICZM within the region exceeding the project term. Structures and approaches shall have model character and shall be transferable to other regions.

Strategies - regional, national, international: Support of a regional ICZM with significant contribution to a further development and concretion of the national IZCM strategy on the one hand and being an international example for ICZM on the other.

Coastal education: To create awareness of regional problems within the coastal zone and possibilities for sustainable solutions while promoting education of experts in the field of ICZM on regional, national and international level.

Participation & communication: To test and evaluate new procedures for improving cross-border communication, information flow, cooperation and participation as well as to promote, to use, to combine and to optimise existing activities and structures for ICZM.


Benefits for the region: